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How to minimize nurse practitioner liability

Both nurse practitioners and primary care physicians could be liable in medical malpractice cases. Therefore, it is important that practices take steps to reduce the odds that this happens. The first way to do this is to figure out what a nurse practitioner can do in a given state. By following Georgia or other relevant state law, there are fewer opportunities for such a person to go beyond his or her scope.

Autonomous vehicles and human driving behavior

Drivers in Georgia who are interested in the rise of autonomous vehicles may be interested to know that the programming the vehicles are equipped with may make them safety hazards on the road. According to one computer science professor, the programs direct them to drive as humans would, and as a result, the vehicles are prone to making the same driving mistakes as humans.

For premises liability claims, you provide supporting evidence

From the time you were a child, you likely have fallen many times in life. This type of event affects almost everyone, and in many cases, the results are scraped hands and knees or simply feelings of embarrassment. Of course, falling can also cause much more serious injuries than those considered superficial.

Distracted driving on the rise alongside awareness

Drivers in Georgia and across the United States are aware of the dangers of distracted driving. However, a recent study shows that while many drivers recognize the risks posed by chatting on a cell phone, texting or emailing behind the wheel, they continue to engage in such activities. The survey was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety as part of an annual Traffic Safety Culture Index.