Software startup could prove useful to trucking companies

Considering that most of Georgia's freight cargo is carried by commercial vehicles, the trucking industry is a vital part of the economy. Unfortunately, some truckers are prone to accidents. Part of the reason is that many truck drivers work long hours -- as much as 70 hours, in fact, over the course of their eight-day workweek. This means they're often drowsy behind the wheel.

An estimated 100,000 truck crashes occur every year because of drowsy driving. However, the trucking industry may soon be hearing more about a startup founded three years ago by some Oklahoma University graduates. The company, which is called BlyncSync, is focusing on creating a software safety platform that encourages truckers to become better drivers.

Its first initiative is to create a pair of smart safety glasses that can measure a trucker's blink rate and report how fatigued they are in real time. Other devices that they are developing include smart hard hats and watches that measure biometric data like heart rates.

Together with i2E, a nationally recognized nonprofit that grows small businesses, BlyncSync is working on a scalable business plan. The company hopes to do something about the high turnover rates among truckers.

However, BlyncSync's success may depend on if truckers want to use their products. When drowsy driving leads to a trucking accident, truckers are often to blame. Before filing a claim, a victim could hire a lawyer, who in turn can bring in investigators to find proof of the trucker's negligence. The lawyer can then negotiate with the trucking company's legal representatives to negotiate a settlement.

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