Studies determining the role distracted driving plays in crashes

According to several studies, including one from AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety, built-in vehicle infotainment systems and smartphones are making the roadways more dangerous for drivers in Georgia and elsewhere. The problem is that these systems and technology take drivers' attention away from the roads, potentially resulting in serious car accidents.

In the AAA study, for example, 64 participants driving five different vehicles were instructed to use the vehicle manufacturer's infotainment system at some point during the drive. At other times, the participants were instructed to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. These systems use the vehicles' interface but are run on smartphones. They ultimately found that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are better at managing drivers' cognitive loads, meaning that drivers are generally still able to pay better attention to driving.

However, both platforms are far from perfect as they still take some of the drivers' attention away from the task of driving. For example, CarPlay required more focus on the app when using its navigation functions. Android Auto took more focus when it came to sending text messages. Even though these two platforms appeared to perform better than the manufacturers' infotainment systems, there is still room for improvement all around.

As more technology becomes available in vehicles, more and more drivers will use them due to their accessibility, especially as younger individuals who grew up with this technology begin to get their licenses. For drivers who value safe driving, this can make the roadways more dangerous and put them at risk for becoming involved in a distracted driving accident. Depending on the severity of these types of accidents, a person could suffer a traumatic brain injury or broken bones. A personal injury attorney may work with the liable driver's insurance to get the full amount of damages covered, which may include medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

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