Without precautions, summer might not be carefree

After the harsh winter, many Georgia residents are likely eager to get out and enjoy the sun. Although this is the season to spend long, fun-filled days outdoors, your summer might not be as carefree as you would wish. You may not be aware that July and August are the two months during which most accidental deaths occur nationwide.

You and your family could be at risk of suffering injuries or worse as the result of the negligence of someone else. You might end up facing mounting medical bills, lost income and other hardships. Would you know where to seek assistance if a loved one is injured or killed?

Common summertime accidents

If you understand the risks you face, you could take steps to protect your family and yourself from injuries. Although a wide variety of accidents can spoil your summer, the National Safety Council says the following are most prevalent:

  • Pedestrian accidents: Records indicate that fatal pedestrian accidents usually show an increase during late summer, and continue to increase throughout the remaining months of the year. Make sure you are visible to motorists if you walk after dark, and if you have young children, teach them all about pedestrian safety.
  • Hot car deaths: No family deserves to go through this type of tragedy. NSC says 18 children have already died in hot cars this year, and that number is sure to rise. The only way to prevent such a death is never to leave your child in the car, even if you intend to be away for only a few minutes.
  • Gun-related fatalities: Do not ignore this danger, even if you do not own a firearm. Accidental shootings claim lives every year, mostly during July and August. You should take care around guns and also teach your children about the dangers of playing with weapons.
  • Drownings: A child can drown in only inches of water, so never leave children to play near water without supervision. Take note that drowning does not only occur while people are swimming, as an accidental fall can cause even an adult to fall into the water and drown.
  • Disaster deaths: Too much sun can cause heat stroke, which could cause death. It is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking fresh water frequently.

Help is available

The trauma is naturally overwhelming if a loved one dies an accidental death. If another party's negligence was the cause, you might have grounds to pursue financial relief to help you cope with the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements and other economic and noneconomic losses. You might find comfort in knowing that an experienced wrongful death attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance when dealing with insurance companies and throughout the legal proceedings in a Georgia civil court.

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