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Roundabouts can save lives, reduce costs

Georgia drivers may have noticed that roundabouts are becoming more popular throughout the United States. This is because state and local municipalities have learned that the circular junctions, which are widely used in the United Kingdom, can reduce serious traffic injuries and save funds.

Radiology mistakes can be deadly

When people in Georgia go in for a scan or other radiological assessment, it can be critical that they receive a correct diagnosis the first time. Incorrect diagnoses can be particularly dangerous when it comes to radiology. New statistics show that around 80 percent of malpractice claims related to radiology involve mistaken interpretations of test results and misdiagnoses. Furthermore, 80 percent of those claims are very severe and include permanent injury or death as the results of the medical mistake.

With commercial vehicles, negligence can have dire consequences

Commercial vehicles are an ever-present fixture on many Georgia roads. While you may view these vehicles as a necessary means of transporting a variety of goods and materials, you might also consider them somewhat dangerous, as accidents involving commercial vehicles can have disastrous consequences.