Driving safety tips to help reduce accidents

Each year, thousands of serious car accidents occur across the United States. However, Georgia drivers can reduce their chances of getting into a crash by following some basic driving safety tips.

According to traffic safety experts, a driver's top priority is to pay attention to the road at all times. This means they should not use their phone or other electronic devices while behind the wheel. Next, drivers need to slow down. Speed plays a role in a significant percentage of serious accidents. This is because speeding reduces the amount of time a driver has to react to emergencies. Furthermore, high-speed collisions tend to be more serious than those that occur at lower speeds. Drivers can also reduce accidents by engaging in "defensive" driving. This technique requires drivers to pay attention to what other motorists and pedestrians are doing and anticipate their actions, including any dangerous mistakes they may make.

Experts say that drivers can help lower risks by carefully planning their road trips and allowing enough time in their schedules for food stops or rest breaks. Drivers should also practice safety within the vehicle. For example, they should secure any cargo that may shift while the vehicle is moving and resist the urge to retrieve any items that fall on the floor. Meanwhile, necessary items, such as cash or passes for tolls, should be kept within easy reach.

Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by driver negligence, including drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding. Someone who has been injured in a crash caused by another driver may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. This type of claim could lead to a financial settlement that covers medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

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