Study finds rear automatic braking systems reduce crashes

Equipping all vehicles with rear automatic braking systems could save lives in Georgia and around the world, according to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Researchers say the technology is especially effective when combined with other advanced safety features.

IIHS researchers tested several new car models that came equipped with rear automatic braking systems, rear sensors and rearview cameras. They found that the rear automatic braking system reduced backup car accidents by 62 percent. When the technology was combined with rear sensors and rearview cameras, accidents were cut by 78 percent. Of the vehicles tested, the 2017 Cadillac XT5 SUV and the 2017 Subaru Outback earned the highest performance ratings for braking and avoiding backup collisions. Four other vehicles also received high marks, but one vehicle had trouble detecting a dummy car that was parked at an angle.

Rearview cameras have been required in all new U.S. vehicle models since May of this year. However, rear automatic braking systems are not mandatory and are only available in 5 percent of new models. Traffic safety experts think that adding the technology to all vehicles will greatly reduce the risk of drivers backing into other vehicles and pedestrians, which could help save lives.

Individuals who are hurt in motor vehicle accidents caused by other drivers have the right to pursue compensation through the legal system. An attorney may be able to review the case and help gather crash scene evidence to show that the other driver is legally liable for a victim's injuries. The attorney may then attempt to negotiate a financial settlement that covers pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and more.

Source: CBS News, "Safety tech in cars can cut backup crashes by 78 percent, study finds," Feb. 22, 2018

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