Learn about your financial recovery after a car accident

A car accident can leave you injured and overwhelmed by your physical needs, and it can leave you with financial losses that you cannot cover. Expensive medical treatment can wipe out years of savings and emergency funds in a matter of days, and your insurance may not cover as much as you think it will. In an instant, your financial future could be at stake.

If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, it is appropriate to seek damages through a personal injury claim. However, the specific types of damages you may be able to get depend on the various factors unique to your situation. Before you move forward or accept a settlement, it may be helpful to learn more about the types of damages you can seek.

Fighting for the full amount you deserve 

If you believe that a civil claim is the most appropriate way forward, it is in your interests to think about financial recovery for not only your immediate needs but also those you may have in the future. You can seek recompense for non-economic damages as well. Some of the specific types of recovery you can pursue through your personal injury claim include damages for the following: 

  • Medical bills – This includes bills from your hospital stay, emergency room visit, ambulance transportation and more. You can also seek what you need for future care, such as therapy or rehabilitation.
  • Missed and lost wages – You can pursue damages to cover the money you lost from time off work during your recovery as well as future wage loss for the time you may not be able to work.
  • Pain and suffering – You are entitled to work toward restitution for non-economic damages, such as emotional duress, mental trauma and loss of ability to do certain things.

If you are unsure of what you should fight for after your accident, it might be useful to first seek a complete evaluation of your case and explanation of the options available to you

Getting better and moving forward

You do not have to walk through the aftermath of your accident alone. Many accident victims find great benefit in securing the assistance of an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney as they work through the civil claims process. Your accident may have changed your life, but you do not have to navigate the aftermath by yourself.

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